Financing joy and happiness

Realising our ambitions for Toverland requires a lot of capital. This is acquired in multiple ways. On the one hand we have our main banker and own assets, on the other hand we have Toverland Finance B.V. to issue bonds. Toverland uses a financing arrangement with plenty of broad frameworks in a revolving model.


There are currently no new bond issues. If you are interested in participating in a future bond issue, please leave your details without obligation and we will contact you.

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Ruud Koppens | CEO, ETF Machinefabriek B.V.

As an entrepreneur in this branch myself, I believed in the Toverland-concept and had the fullest confidence in the Gelissen family. And rightfully so, they’ve realised it!

Overzicht of issued bonds:

  • 2014: 1st tranche, 4 million euro – successfully extended in 2021rlengd
  • 2017: 2nd tranche, 6 million euro
  • 2019: 3rd tranche, 3.5 million euro
  • 2022: 5th tranche, 4 million euro

Bonds are issued in denominations of € 50,000 with a minimum investment of € 100,000. Every year we organise an information meeting where we see our bondholders and, while enjoying snacks and drinks, make them part of Toverland’s state of affairs and provide information about our future plans. More information can be found on the website of Toverland Finance.

Would you like to participate or ask a question? Please contact us via telephone or via the form below.

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Visiting address: Prinsenhof 1A Maaseik (B)
Postal address: Postbus 507 6180 AA Elsloo (NL)

T +31 88 324 88 11