About us

Theme park Toverland & Gepla

Experience is the element that connects the two businesses. It is anchored in Toverland’s DNA and can be seen in the high-quality finishing of Gepla’s building projects.

Attractiepark Toverland

Discover your own magic”

Toverland is a theme park full of passion and enthusiasm, where the creation of magical moments of happiness comes first. Toverland has developed itself into one of the most popular day attractions of the Netherlands.

  • Unique mix of 4 outdoor and 2 indoor theme areas with over 35 attractions and shows, including 5 rollercoasters.
  • Diverse audience from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
  • Approx. 275 all-year-round staff members & 300 seasonal staff.


Your building completion professional!”

Gepla is a qualitative finishing and fitting-out partner of buildings, and delivers and constructs complete solutions in the form of wall and ceiling systems. Gepla also realises imaginary decors, like the ones at Toverland.

  • Unique: the “immersion” of our clients
    • Exceeding client expectations
    • De-worrying
    • “Best in class”
  • Highly diverse portfolio with superior level of finishing

Family busines

Dynamic, with guts”

The Gelissen Group is very proud of being a family business. It enables them to look at long-term prospects rather than being dependent on short-term profit. The proof is in the quality that the Gelissen Group delivers. The family business has a very short management chain, which makes it dynamic and fast, with the guts to react to any chances in the market.

Jean Gelissen founded Gepla in 1987. A few years later, in 1996, he started the development of Toverland together with his sister Caroline. After an initiation phase of 5 years, Toverland opened its doors in 2001. Both companies have grown into very successful organisations. Management teams may have changed over the years, but the family business remains an important pillar, for now and the future.

Our current organisation structure looks as follows: