Welcome to the Gelissen Group

We differ through experience!

Gelissen Group is the holding company of two separate businesses, Theme park Toverland and building completion professional Gepla, that are of service to each other while operating independently. Together they offer a unique set of services. A synergy which is the most distinctive ability of the group.

Theme park Toverland

Toverland has developed into one of the most popular day attractions in the Netherlands. More than 1 million people visit the park every year.

Gepla BV

Gepla designs and builds sustainable interior completions and building fit-outs.


Below is a selection of projects by Theme park Toverland and Gepla

Avalon & Port Laguna

Theme park Toverland
Avalon: from concept to realisation
  • Theme park Toverland became 1.5 times bigger after the addition of 2 new theme areas
  • Expansion and landscaping of 70,000 m2
  • Realisation of 4 catering locations, 4 shops and 3 attractions, including a wing coaster
  • Construction year 2018
Port Laguna: from concept to realisation

Canon Venlo

Gepla B.V.
Office building HQ Canon Production Printing  
  • 55,000 running metres of veneered wooden slats installed as ceilings, wall cladding, alcoves and stairs
  • Finishing of various other ceilings and all metal stud walls
  • By order of BAM Bouw en Techniek – Projecten and in collaboration with BroekBakema Architecten and M+R Interior Architect

Expansion Avalon

Theme park Toverland
Expansion Avalon
  • Expansion of the existing theme area Avalon with 4 attractions: Dragonwatch (Family Droptower), Pixarus (Flight School of Magic), Garden Tour (adventure tour) and Jumping Juna (dynamic carousel) to extend your stay
  • Creating special experiences
  • Expand the area with a water playground and toddler playground
  • Year of construction 2022/2023, opening mid 2023

Restyling Expedition Zork

Theme park Toverland
Restyling Expedition Zork
  • New storyline and thematisation of water rapids ride Expedition Zork
  • Landscaping of the area surrounding Expedition Zork
  • Addition of active play experience in the shape of two marble runs of 125 metres
  • Construction year 2022

Jumbo Veghel

Gepla B.V.
Jumbo – Veghel
  • Completion of all system walls, glass walls by Qbiq Wall Systems, ceilings, spraying and wallpapering during the expansion of the Jumbo HQ main office building, located in Veghel
  • Over 5,000 m2 floor surface in offices, consulting rooms, meeting rooms and concentration-workspaces
  • Sparring partner and advisor with regards to materials, solutions, detailing and sound requirements
  • By order of supermarket chain Jumbo