Our vision

Turn entrepreneurship into an experience with the Gelissen Group

We are convinced that experience has the potential to grow into one of the driving forces and economic pillars of our region. It’s the vision from which Gepla and Toverland, together with value-adding stakeholders, want to create beautiful construction projects and work on the qualitative growth of Toverland


Our ambitions

  • Toverland: To grow into an authentic, innovative and leading short-time destination resort with millions of visitors and thousands of staff members.
  • Gepla: Best in class. Distinctive in high quality finishing with a portfolio focus on completion of professional building projects and sustainability.

Enthusiasm gives wings to ambition

Guts and ambition with continuous investments and innovations

The Gelissen Group aims for stable growth above market average, whereby each company sits at the top of its own market segment, responding to developments in the market and society. Using their guts and ambition for continuous investments and innovations that ensure a sustainable growth of visitor numbers and cash flow. The most important condition thereby is that the Gelissen Group remains a family business at all times and may have to accept possible limits to the speed with which it can grow.

Solide balance sheet ratios

We may be enthusiastic, but we’re also realistic”

To carry out our chosen strategy with success, we need a healthy financial base.
The financial targets are:
• equity capital of at least 30% of our balance sheet total;
• an interest cover ratio (EBITDA / net interest expenses) of at least 4.


Toverland’s masterplan foresees in an expansion of at least 100 hectares. The land for this expansion has been secured through an agreement of intent with the municipality of Horst aan de Maas. Toverland has been working on a flexible zoning plan in order to respond to future developments.

Flexible zoning plan

  • The region has got a wide range. Toverland has 30 million of potential visitors within a range of 60 car-minutes.
  • Our zoning plan mentions the ambitions for Toverland and its global development perspective for the next twenty years. Requirements that these developments must meet are also set. 
  • A participation scheme with local residents and stakeholders was completed early 2022. The legal route is currently ongoing, in which an ontwerpMER (environmental impact report) and our flexible zoning plan was submitted to the municipality of Horst aan de Maas.


Expansion Avalon

Attractiepark Toverland
  • Expansion bestaande themagebied Avalon met 4 attracties
  • Het creëren van bijzondere belevingen
  • Gebied uitbreiden met waterspeelplaats én dreumsspeeltuin
  • Bouwjaar 2022/2023, opening medio 2023

Responsible entrepreneurship

The nature around us is a key element to all our new developments.

At the Gelissen Group wAt the Gelissen Group we want to interact with each other, our clients/relations/guests and our environment in the most thoughtful and respectful way. We realise that we can fulfil a leading role here and take that responsibility. Because social and sustainable entrepreneurship is mostly a matter of doing, we’ll give you a few practical examples of our CSR policy.

  • People: We see our staff members as our biggest capital. We spend lots of time and attention to the wellbeing and career development of our staff. For example: In collaboration with Zuyd Health we have drafted a thorough ergonomic risk assessment of Gepla’s workplace, with the aim to prevent accidents and sick leave.
  • Planet: Our beautiful nature is a key element to all our new developments. Toverland maintains good contacts with the Groengroep of Sevenum and we take professional advice to achieve optimum landscaping goals for our theme park. With lots of respect for nature, we integrate authentic features of the Peel landscape into all scenic accents of our new theme areas.
  • Profit: Besides our own profitability and continuity, the Gelissen Group focuses on area development from which the entire community can benefit. We do business with full focus on local demands and sensitivities. Together with governments we investigate: how can we create jobs and give the local economy a firm boost while at the same time being careful with our natural environment and aspects like reachability (infrastructure).